206, 2017

New Regulations on Tax and Social Insurance

Recently, on 14th April 2017, the Government promulgated Decree No. 44/2017/ND-CP (“Decree 44”) replaced provisions on Decree No. 37/2016/ND-CP (“Decree 37”) regarding the rate of contribution to the Occupational Accident And Well-being Assurance, and on 18th April 2017

1905, 2017

New Occupational Safety Legislations in Construction sector

On 30th May 2017, The Ministry of Construction promulgated Circular No 04/2017/TT-BXD (“Circular 04”) on promoting compliance with occupational safety legislation in construction sector in replacement of Circular 22/2010/TT-BXD (“Circular 22”).

1205, 2017

Tax Administration on Associated Enterprises Related Transactions

On 24th February 2017, the Government promulgated the Decree 20/2017/ND-CP regarding tax administration on associated enterprises related transactions (“Decree 20”), under which regulates (i) specific principles, methods, sequences, and procedures on price fixing related to associated transactions; and (ii) obligations of taxpayers in declaring and fixing the price related to associated transactions as well as paying tax.