1404, 2017

Work Permit Exemptions for Intra-Corporate Transferees accessing to Vietnam

On 28th December 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Trade promulgated Circular No. 35/2016/TT-BCT on definition of intra-corporate transferees, who work for foreign enterprises operating in 11 service sectors as specified in Schedule of Specific Commitments in Services between Vietnam and the World Trade Organization (“WTO”), are eligible for work permit exemption (“Circular 35”).

3103, 2017

Regulations on Lending Practices of Credit Institutions and Branches of Foreign Banks

On 30th December 2016, the State Bank of Vietnam promulgated Circular 39/2016/TT-NHNN regulating lending practices of credit institutions and branches of foreign banks (“Circular 39”) in order to reconcile and enumerate regulations of the conditions and requirements of loans from credit institutions and branches of foreign banks in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as “CI”).