Late afternoon of April 4, 2020, the Government Office issued Document no. 2601/VPCP-KGVX (“Document 2601”) imparting the order of the Prime Minister on a number of concerns and to ensure the consistent implementation of Directive no. 16/CT-TTg  (“Directive 16”) on urgent measures to prevent COVID-19 epidemic.

As per Document 2601, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has requested to:

1. Strictly implement social distancing in line with Directive 16, ensure social spacing, require citizens to stay at home, minimize leaving home, except 03 extremely necessary cases based on which people are allowed to go out:

Firstly, purchase food, medicine and other essential goods and services;

Secondly, in the event of emergency such as first aid, medical examination and treatment, natural disaster, fire, …

Thirdly, working at agencies, state units, armed forces, diplomatic agencies and facilities are allowed.

Specifically, facilities, which are allowed to continue operating, include: Factories, manufacturing facilities; traffic constructions, constructions; businesses in essential goods and service (i.e. food, medicine; petroleum; electricity, water, fuel,…); educational institutions, bank, treasury, businesses directly related to banking activities and business supporting (notary, lawyer, registry and registration for secured transactions,…), stock, post and telecommunication, transportation services, import and export goods, medical examination and treatment, funeral…

In the evening of April 3, 2020, the Ministry of Justice has promulgated Document no. 1221/BTP-PLHSHC (“Document 1221”), which consists of specific implementation to the Prime Minister’s direction at Document 2601. Accordingly, Ministry of Justice has requested  various People’s Committees of provinces and municipalities to direct:

  1. Organizations practicing notarization, lawyers, secured transaction registration center to continue operating;
  2. Agencies and units, which provide public services (issuing criminal records, authentication and handling of civil status request), to be responsible for operating in accordance with their own specific conditions, avoid any delay. Therein, also note that:
    • For services or works, which can be completed online or via telecommunication (phone, post, internet network), those methods should be utilized;
    • In case of urgency and requiring interaction, it is strictly obliged to wear face mask, keep safe distance during communication.

2. As per Document 2601, Prime Minister had additionally requestedHead of facilities  allowed to operate, to ensure absolute safety and strictly implement  measures in order to prevent epidemic, in details:

  1. Strict implementation of themask-wearing principle, equipping facilities to prevent epidemic;
  2. Request employees to report health status, comply with movement restrictions, interaction and communication;
  3. Temporarily suspend non-urgent activities, reduce employees gathering;
  4. Strictly organize and manage to transport employees (if any) to their workplace to prevent risks of disease transmission.

In case of failure to meet the above requirements, the operation must be stopped.

3. In the most essential respects, the Prime Minister requests to stop activities of passengers public transporting, except in cases of public duty, shuttle bus for employees, experts, insulators and vehicles transporting manufacturing materials, goods. Minimizing the utilization of personal vehicles.

4. Localities shall immediately cancel their measures to stop and forbidtravelling of people and vehicles, in accordance with Directive 16.


As the COVID-19 outbreak remains a rapidly changing situation, we will continue to monitor the situation from a public health perspective and keep you updated. We wish you, your team and your beloved one safety and health to overcome this challenging time.