“We tailor your fee arrangement to your needs and the circumstances of the case.”

LuatViet has a remarkably growth ever since its establishment in 1999. With the constant motto of being a client oriented law firm, the firm’s mission has always focused on its towards becoming “Clients Success”. LuatViet has thus attained for not only as a legal advisor but also as a legal partner that clients can trust. LuatViet is one of the leading domestic law firms in Vietnam that benchmarks the international legal standard. Since then, with our solid and deep knowledge of Vietnamese culture and legal expertise, LuatViet has provided professional and efficient legal solutions to multinational and local investors and enterprises doing business in Vietnam. We have offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The lawyers at LuatViet were qualified as first-class honoured holders from well-respected universities in Vietnam, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and France. Furthermore, LuatViet has established well relations with apparatus of Vietnam government at all level of jurisdictions, and other reputable multinational law firms from the United Kingdom, the United States, Korea, and Australia. Consequently, the globalisation in knowledge of our lawyers all together with their rich in legal experience would allow LuatViet to meet most of client requirements in terms of complexity and variety guaranteed to satisfy ‘Client Success’ at superior level.

Moreover, LuatViet has raised its status up to an international scale as we have received decent feedbacks from multinational companies such as Sony, Coca-Cola, Shell, Unilever, Nike, Breweries Vietnam (Tiger, Heneiken), Bluescope Steel, Vina Koei Steel, Bayer, Thyssen Krupp; and the giant national entities such as Kymdan, Thiên Long, Samco, Agtex, and Hà Tiên 1. The firm provides exceptional legal services in a wide range of different sectors such as Chemicals, Steels, Telecommunications, Real Estates & Constructions, Consuming, Electronics, Energy, Finance, Foods & Beverages, Textiles, and Commercials.