Understanding the difficulties that respected clients are facing, such as the immediate shortage of in-house counsel, specific projects that require a high-and-accurate level of legal consultancy, LuatViet believes that our experienced lawyers can fill in the “blanks” and eliminate the burden for the clients.

The legal secondee acts as an internal project-based lawyer at the client’s office; and with this type of service, the secondment duration could last months or years, depending on the client’s demand.

So, why should a company opt for a legal secondee over building up its own internal legal team? There are certainly compelling reasons for using legal secondment service:

  • Obtaining the advantages of lawyers with extensive experience in a specific business’ sector of the company;
  • Getting extra assistance from the seconder’s attorneys when issues arise during the secondment period;
  • Solving the matter of staff shortage arising as a result of adversity in the recruiting process to replace in-house legal counsels due to maternity leave, staff resignation, etc. When appropriate, legal experts will also address to support the client during their critical business stages; for instance, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Assisting and guiding the existing in-house legal team by providing a lift where required.

LuatViet respectfully presents our main scope of secondment service bundle as follows:

  • Appointing experienced attorney(s) to practice at the client’s office or business operational location during the secondment period.
  • Providing consultancy services and carrying out legal affairs-related work, such as:
    • Drafting and reviewing business’ agreements, contracts, and other legal documents;
    • Drafting, consulting, and building internal rules and processes;
    • Drafting template of contracts, legal documents as precedence for future application;
    • Advising on licensingmatters;
    • Advising on dispute resolutions and legal issues related to the company’s daily operation; and
    • Advising the client on legal compliance exercise.

We assure assisting your businesses to avoid potential risks related to investments, businesses, contracts, litigations, and disputes. At LuatViet, with more than 20 years of experience in multidisciplinary legal consultancy practice, we commit to provide holistic and coherent legal services to our clients.

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