LuatViet guarantees its services and is renowned for its strengths to provide businesses, at every step of operations, with the effective legal support they require. LuatViet’s experience provides us with knowledge and insight into the Vietnamese legal landscape enabling us toforesee and anticipate any difficulties.

Below is a list of practice areas in which LuatViet has developed an expertise. However, this list, of course, is not exhaustive since through our experience we understand that a client’s needs are always diverse and dynamic. Our firm is therefore constantly developing and is prepared at all times to step up and meet any legal challenge.

LuatViet built its legal reputation advising clients on corporate and commercial activities. We have a large number of leading international and local companies as our long-term clients. According to Chambers Global’s directory of top lawyers, “For the corporate work in particular, LuatViet is pushing toward the top tier.”

Our professional team of lawyers advises clients in the following areas:


– Local enterprises;

– Wholly foreign-invested enterprises, joint ventures;

– Establishment of branches, representative offices;

– Offshore companies.


– Investment agreements, shareholder agreements, charters;

– Corporate secretary services;

– Corporate compliance and government relationships;

– Settlement of internal corporate disputes.


– Contracts for sale and purchase of goods or services;

– Distribution channels, agency and distribution contracts;

– Import & export, warehouse and logistics;

– Vietnam Customs regulations

– Commodities exchange.


– Labor agreements;

– Collective labor agreements and rules;

– Employment confidentiality and compensation;

– Labor discipline and compliance.


– Advice for compliance with the Competition Law;

– Seeking and registration of exemptions;

– Advice, notifications and registration in compliance with the Competition Law for international economic concentration transactions;

– Settlement of competition cases.

LuatViet is one of Vietnam’s leading law firms in the M&A sector. We assist clients on either the buy or sell-side of transactions with the following services:

– Advising on transaction structuring;

– Drafting term sheet or Memorandum of Understanding;

– Conducting legal due diligence;

– Share purchase agreements, M&A agreements;

– Asset purchase agreements;

– Bond or share issue agreements, convertible loan agreements;

– Shareholder agreements, investment agreements, corporate charters;

– Assistance with legal procedures to obtain necessary licenses and approvals.

LuatViet’s team of veteran lawyers with in-depth experience in the area of securities and capital markets can assist clients with securities activities and investment in the Vietnam capital market. Our regular clients are diverse and include leading investment funds, fund management and securities companies, and listed companies.

Our major practice areas:

– Advising and structuring IPOs;

– Advising on listing matters, including the listing of shares and bonds;

– Drafting contracts and agreements for securities trading, including unlisted securities and off-exchange securities trading;

– Advising on structuring matters and drafting documents for the issuance of bonds and shares;

– Advising on and drafting project capital funding agreements and syndicated loan agreements;

– Setting up domestic and offshore securities investment funds, mobilizing capital and registering these activities.

LuatViet has been a high profile law firm on the insurance, finance and banking scenes for over a decade.

Our talented lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising leading banks and insurance companies in Vietnam as well as international finance institutions that currently transact with financial organizations and businesses in Vietnam.

Our major practice areas:

– Advising on the design and development of life and non-life insurance products, including unit linked products;

– Arranging project funding loans and syndicated loans;

– Preparing and setting up dossiers and contracts for lenders and borrowers;

– Registering foreign loans;

– Preparing and registering security transactions;

– Advising on government relationships and compliance.

With profound insight and extensive knowledge, our lawyers are known for advising numerous local and foreign clients, particularly international investors, in the area of infrastructure development and real estate in Vietnam. LuatViet is proud of our ability to deal with complicated real estate transactions, including the structuring, development and implementation of transactions.

Our major practice areas:

– Legal due diligence on property projects;

– Land allocation, land lease and transfer of land use rights;

– Land clearance and compensation;

– Legal advice on real estate project funding, and the sale and purchase of real estate projects;

– Land transfer documents;

– Registration of liens;

– Issuance of real estate securities;

– Establishment and management of real estate investment funds;

– Engineering – Procurement – Construction contracts, construction contracts;

– Build-Operate-Transfer contracts, Build-Transfer contracts, and Public Private Partnership contracts;

– Legal advice on design and construction tenders;

– Office and real estate lease contracts;

– Lease and real estate disputes.

The legal system with respect to intellectual property in Vietnam is undergoing significant changes towards satisfying market demand and international integration. LuatViet has increasingly improved our practice in this area and is currently advising numerous clients in Vietnam on IP related issues.

LuatViet is celebrated as one of the few leading law firms in Vietnam in the area of commercial dispute resolution both in local courts and via international arbitrations. For years, we have been ranked as the top litigation firm by prestigious specialized legal magazines worldwide. We frequently represent both corporate clients and government agencies before arbitration bodies such as VIAC (Vietnam), SIAC (Singapore), AAA (New York, USA), and ICC (Hong Kong based office).

LuatViet is capable of providing the following optimum solutions in dispute resolution:

– Resolution of disputes through Vietnamese and foreign arbitrators;

– Commercial litigation at all levels of court;

– Out-of-court dispute settlement;

– Recovery of commercial debts.

For many years, coming along with profound understanding of local regulations and requirements raised by both local and overseas clients, LuatViet’s corporate secretarial services have supported  foreign enterprises newly doing their business in Vietnam and SMEs operating in Vietnam by taking away the burden of the administrative duties that normally requires significant resources, personnel. Thanks to that support,  the enterprises have completely concentrated on their core purposes of developing business and enhancing their own profits.

LuatViet’s corporate secretarial services are in offer below:

  1. Collecting sufficient dossiers and carrying out necessary procedures to set up an enterprise, or to amend and supplement some content of the licenses of enterprises, representative offices, branches, business locations, including services in relation to seal sample, tax code, opening an enterprise’s bank account, and performing initial tax declare;
  2. Drafting documents relating to capital contribution of shareholders/partners in enterprises, such as certificates of capital contribution/share ownerships, etc/) after their establishment or upon changing their charter capital;
  3. Arranging and making detailed working plans for executive board of enterprises as being requested; following up and reminding the executive board of the enterprises in terms of meeting agenda and schedules.
  4. Making preparation, i.e. noticing and sending meeting invitation, drafting meeting program and contents, and acting as a secretary in the meetings to draft meeting minutes, resolution of General Meeting of shareholders, board of directors, members of council, board of managers as requested;
  5. Drafting/fulfilling and submitting required periodical reports of Vietnamese enterprises (including foreign enterprise established under Law on Enterprises) to State authorities, involving report on investment (local or foreign ones), report on foreign labors; following up and reminding the enterprises to submit reports in due course.
  6. Retaining and managing internal documents of enterprises, including but not limited to legal documents of enterprises, subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, representative offices, business locations; seals, charters, internal management regulations, meeting minutes, resolutions, shareholder/member registers, degrees/certificates/licenses, prospectus (in respect of securities company), reports of supervisory board, conclusions of inspection authorities, conclusions of audit organizations, accounting books, accounting documents, financial statements, correspondences, and other administrative documents;
  7. Supporting in finding and renting locations and managing client’s registered locations;
  8. Translating documents from Vietnamese into English and vice versa; getting documents certified, notarized at competent authorities;
  9. Searching information, legal documents and updating legal documents for specific or general fields;
  10. Other administrative works, as being specifically requested.

To learn more about LuatViet’s corporate secretarial services, please contact us.