On 1st of April 2020, the Prime Minister of Vietnam signed the Decision 447/QĐ-TTg  declaringe the COVID-19 outbreak a national epidemic (“Decision 447”). Decision 447 states the appropriate measures to be taken as a prevention to the coronavirus spread as well as enhances consistencies of the previous Directives, in particular, the Directive 16/CT-TTg promulgated on 13th of March, 2020 (“Directive 16”) relating to the social distancing measure’s enforcement.

According to the new Decision of the Prime Minister, the following measures must be taken in Vietnam:

  • Implemention of strict social distancing measures as of 1st of April 2020 till the end of 15th of April 2020, i.e. every government office shall be closed and make special arrangements allowing its civil officers to work from home.Previously, the Supreme People’s Court had ordered lower courts not to directly expose to the interested party, and it remained valid until 31st of March, 2020. As of 1st of April 2020,court’s meetings will open again. In regard of this new conditions, the Supreme People’s Court is about to extend the regulations.
  • Residents are ordered to stay at home and are allowed to leave home only to be provided with essential needs, such as food, medicines, emergency medical services or to go to work at companies permitted by the government to remain open and other emergency situations.
  • People shall keep a physical distance of at least two meters away from each other during conversations. Furthermore, gatherings of more than two people in public areas other than schools, hospitals or workplaces are banned.
  • Suspending public transportation and limiting travel between provinces and areas, apart from essential reasons, such as public reason, delivery of food, commodities or transporting of workers, and materials for production.
  • Companies are encouraged to be closed and work from home. The leaders of such companies shall take responsibility to take special preventions and control measures in order to cope with the disease, assuring health and safety of all their workers.

The aforementioned regulations certainly affect all the provisions related to the delivery of legal services by LuatViet to all its customers. In respond to the Government’s policies and assurance of healthcare of all our staff and clients, LuatViet has implemented as of 21st of March 2020 the work-from-home planand permanently continues tomaintainconnections with all customers via online platforms in order to provide thelegal services in our best manner. In case of any inconvenience related to legal services delivery or performance during the current circumstances, LuatViet would truly appreciate the understanding  of customers.

As the Covid-19 outbreak remains a rapidly changing situation, we will continue to monitor the situation from a public health perspective and keep you updated. We wish you, your team and your beloved ones safety and health to overcome this challenging time.