Ho Chi Minh City – 6th March 2017.

LuatViet is growing rapidly thanks to the increasing demands of clients and also to the professional and international approach to serving its clients. It is the committment of the firm to provide professional legal services to international and local clients and to keep the quality of our legal services at the international standard.

LuatViet has augmented a new Senior Attorney and a new Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer (CMBDO).

The Senior Attorney

LuatViet is deeply honored to welcome Mr. Park Jun Yong, a legal profesional with intense education and extreme international experiences to join us as our new Senior Attorney from March 2017.

Park Jun Yong - Senior Attoney

Park Jun Yong – Senior Attoney

Before joining LuatViet, Mr. Park has devoted his extreme 20-year experiences as an in-house counsel for superb multinational conglomerates such as Daewoo and LG at the headquarters in South Korea. In additions, he is the founder and CEO of Ttrot Inc., a Mobile Application Start-up; also, he used to hold the key roles in some other corporations such as Serome Technology Inc., and NextStreaming Corp. which has supplied Software License to Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericson, Motorola, and Lenovo.

Mr. Park Jun Yong honorably obtained a LL.M from University of Southern California (the US) in 2009, a Master of Art on Business Law from Aix-en-Provence University (France) in 1995, and a Bachelor of Art on Law from Dongguk University (South Korea) in 1994.  Furthermore, he was admitted to the New York Bar in the US. His impressive international backgrounds are a foundation for his proficiency as a multilingual speaker such as Korean, English, Japanese, French, and little bit Vietnamese.

“In those recent years, Korean investors and enterprises have chosen Vietnam as their first priority of destination for doing business and offshoring their investments. Nevertheless, the obstacles of either language or culture have obstructed our lawyers from effectively working with Korean clients.  Therefore, we sincerely hope that the participation of Mr. Park Jun Yong at LuatViet will help us to overcome this barrier.  Surely, our clients will benefit mostly from his extensive knowledge and his imposing twenty-year experiences of consulting legal solutions for multinational conglomerates such as Daewoo and LG at their headquarters in South Korea”.  Mr. Tran Duy Canh, LuatViet’s Managing Partner stressed.  “Thus, I believe that Mr. Park Jun Yong fully understands the needs and wants of Korean corporate clients, together with his business insights, Mr. Park definitely can provide our clients the very effecient and practical legal solutions for any circumstances they are facing”, Mr. Canh added.

Mr. Park’s practice areas focus on Investment, Real Estate, Contract Services, International Trading & Commercials, and Corporate Governance & Compliance Services.  Mr. Park is the main in charge to serve the Korean clients.

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

Nguyen Anh Thu

Ms. Nguyen Anh Thu

Miss Nguyen Anh Thu has joined LuatViet as our new Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer (CMBDO) in a rapturous welcome since the early of December 2016. Anh Thu is in charge of Business Development, Marketing, Branding, and Partnership/ Client Relations at LuatViet Advocates & Solicitors. Prior in joining us, Anh Thu used to pursue her career as a Wealth Advisor (Wealth Management – Private banking) in London – the world financial centre, at the largest Merchant Bank in the world and the oldest Bank in England. With her academic excellence in finance and commerce and an impressive international experience, she is truly a well-structured minded strategist that has possessed her achievements in formulating Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Strategic Restructuring Plans, Marketing & Branding Plans benchmarking the international bar, and in fundraising for some of Vietnamese projects worth up to trillions VND.

Anh Thu was back in Vietnam after her lengthy overseas study at Anhui University (China 2005) Bachelor on Chinese Banking, RMIT University (Australian system 2007) Diploma on Commerce, RMIT University (Australian system 2010) Bachelor on International Commerce, Sheffield Hallam University (the United Kingdom 2012) Graduate Diploma on Business and English, Sheffield Hallam University (the United Kingdom 2013) Master of Science on Finance and Investment. Anh Thu has then decided to pursue a Doctorate on Anthropology and Country Development after her long journey with Finance thereof she joined LuatViet to advance her foundation on legal matters and human rights for her vocation. Anh Thu is a multilingual speaker of English, Vietnamese, Chinese, a bit of French and Hebrew. Her ability to formulate strategic plans, mix and match skillset in consulting international High Net Worth Individuals and making and maintaining networking made we believe that Anh Thu is a perfect fit to represent LuatViet to raising the firm’s awareness.